Doubts about the development of prefabricated buildings in reality

Doubts about the development of prefabricated buildings in reality

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At this stage, the main factors restricting the development of assembly are the high cost, the lack of quality and safety assessment standards, and the prospects for development. In addition to these three factors, there are three more important "cans".

Assembled steel structure interior

First, is the file "can" be executed in place?

Over the past 18 years, the country has issued more than 200 related documents or methods that emphasize the importance of prefabricated buildings, clarify development goals, and mature technical standards. If you add the relevant policies issued by various places, it can be described as arrogant. However, the promotion of large-scale industry-wide, there are still many doubts. why? This may be related to whether the file can be executed in place. For example, a central city has just issued a targeted document in March this year. It has made major regulations in terms of development goals, policy measures, supervision and management, and job requirements, but the city took place in May. An event in which a site in the center was not built as required by the prefabricated building. Although the event was finally stopped by the local associations, the incident was stopped. However, the negative impact of such document execution on the society is how many documents are difficult to eliminate. Of course, almost every document mentions: government guidance, market dominance, and multi-party participation. This is very good, but it must be done in a practical manner and implemented in a down-to-earth manner. Just like Shanghai, it’s true that there is no difference, no real discount.

Second, is the development idea in the end "can not" realistic

We have seen that the development of prefabricated buildings is basically a large-scale central enterprise, a strong private enterprise, and even some large-scale platform companies that are not construction enterprises have begun to enter assembly-type buildings, but there is no other small and medium-sized private construction enterprises. Although no matter who is opening and closing, they are talking about prefabricated buildings. However, there are actually few actual operations, and most of them are in a state of wait-and-see or doubt.

On the one hand, the prefabricated buildings are in full swing, on the other hand, the fabricated buildings are as cold as frost, why? This may be related to development ideas. From the specific work, the capital required to develop a prefabricated building is very huge, and it can be done by non-small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the same time, it is necessary to increase personnel training, technology research and development, and base construction, especially with broad market demand. Under the premise of lack of financial strength, lack of technical capabilities, and uncertain market prospects, it may not be a wise choice to rush into assembly-style buildings. So what should I do? It is the right way to activate the participation of more companies. No matter which industry, it is not one, or which companies are solo, but the participation of all the subjects, the construction industry is the same.

The development of prefabricated buildings is not mentioned in this year. These items can only be mentioned next year, and there is no new subject to enter or participate. Otherwise, it is not good for the development of the industry. To activate more business participation, the strategy is to guide large enterprises to cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises. The former can be large and comprehensive, the latter can be small and fine, the former integrates the industrial chain, and the latter is specialized and precise in a certain profession. It can be done to meet a certain demand in the industrial chain. This industry is big enough, and does not require all companies to do anything, but nothing will be eliminated by the market.

Cooperation but not replacement, competition but not opposite, this is a question that we all need to think about.

Third, is the cost-benefit ratio in the end "can not" caused by swarming

Everyone who knows the project knows that the current project profit margin is too low, and some people even bluntly say that profits are low enough to go into the dust. However, this trend of lowering has not yet been alleviated.

Give a very shocking example. Recently, in the bidding for a road reconstruction project in a county, there were actually more than 1,000 enterprises involved, and the target number was only more than 10 million. The conference room that could only sit 300 people was eventually filled with corridors and aisles. Thousands of people. Looking at a room, you can think of industry competition has reached such a shocking point! Moreover, such projects are basically down to 20-30% to be received, such a bid price, its profits can be imagined, which also resulted in cut corners, secondary operations, repeated visas, change design, quality The emergence of serious accidents such as frequent safety accidents.

To give an example of this, to develop a prefabricated building, we must also consider the cost-benefit ratio. If the input cost is too large, or if the cost is low, but the interest rate space is shrinking, the company's income is too low, and the attraction to the market subject is not. It will be very big, this is a very obvious reason. Nowadays, due to the fact that the cost of developing prefabricated buildings does not have certain advantages, subsidies are introduced in many places.

Next, I hope that such a subsidy policy can cover more enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, not only in bases, project construction, but also in technology research and development, talent introduction, even office building purchase, VAT deduction, etc. Subsidies may cause more companies to flock. Don't ever appear in a project bidding crowded with a room!
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