Company Profile

AIX has always focused on the overall solution of the assembled wall system, adhering to the design concept of innovation, fashion, technology and environmental protection, to provide customers with high quality, modular and assembled partition wall products.
AIX is adhering to the European module partition manufacturing technology, for the Chinese market, combined with the needs of different fields, based on high-quality and excellent design, has a number of pre-made standard components with independent property rights, processing and manufacturing flexible and variable modular partition system, with The production of Zhejiang Jiashan Production Base, the establishment of the Brand Operation Center and the Kunshan R&D and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, after years of production and precipitation of building materials, covering areas including business office, banking, medical care and special customization, formed Integrated design, high-precision standardized production, centralized logistics and assembly-type installation services provide you with a comfortable, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly living environment with the most appropriate budget, safest and efficient construction speed.

company culture

Standards and scales

In AIX\'s corporate culture, standards and standards as the brand core of AIX itself will be the core throughout.

1. Among the employees of the company, standards and standards are a life attitude, the pursuit of quality of life, and strive to make the family life better;

2. In enterprise management, standards and scales represent rigorous and efficient work styles, constantly standardizing corporate behavior with high standards and standards, achieving corporate quality and sustainable development, and maintaining business with consumers, partners and society. Conduct a good code of conduct.

Advocating internationalization of brand development
Be a practitioner of innovation, fashion, technology, environmental protection, and resource reusability!

Business advantage

Brand Manufacturing

Chinese manufacturing to China\'s creation, branding, and innovation are increasingly prominent. In the process of enterprise development, with strong resource advantages and hardware strength, it has taken a leading position in the industry. In recent years, with the strategic layout and operation of enterprise branding, AIX has continuously improved the soft power of corporate brands, through brand operation and channel expansion. , marketing and other system processes to achieve the transition from product management to brand management.

R&D Ability

Comprehensive technical upgrade

"Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job."

Excellent quality is the lifeline for the company to survive. In order to make the products better, the company introduces the international advanced automatic flexible sheet metal processing and production center, and has the world\\'s advanced fully automated coating production line, high-speed punching equipment and peace. The whole machine, etc., while maintaining the research and development, design and technological innovation of new products. The company has accumulated mature experience over the years, and its production scale and production capacity have increased significantly.

Sales network

Four regional marketing centers

Based in Shanghai, AIX has established four major marketing centers nationwide to improve dealers and franchise systems. The network covers the whole country. While intensively working on existing markets, it has continuously expanded its sales network, narrowed regional gaps, and actively prepared for international trade centers to make AIX Products go abroad and move forward with a focus on internationalization.

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